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Sometimes sorting gets really frustrating when all the data you are trying to sort isn’t formatted the same.

Create a new column next to the column you’re attempting to sort, then use this formula to move X amount of characters.  I’m using Ford Part #’s and I need to sort by the 4th character in which is the Z

A2 cell = C0AZ-7153-A

Whereas x = the amount you want to move for example

which gives


From there just copy that formula to the rest of the cells in the new column then u can sort sheet under that column.


Data coming from different spreadsheet.

B25 = local cell which you are using for the search
URL = url from separate google sheet
sheet1 = name of other sheet your pulling data from
!a1:e = range of the search
After the search
3 = which column you wish to pull the data from
false = will your results be sorted?

If you get #REF when you first try this, just click your mouse on that and it will bring up a “allow access” dialog. You need to allow access if your pulling data from another spreadsheet.

Here’s how to locally pull data from another sheet.  For example, you have a sheet1 and sheet2.

B3 = cell you want to use for search

Sheet2 = Sheet your pulling data from

!C3:E3 = range you want to pull data from

3 = which column you want data from

false = results will not be sorted.