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Crashplan has an auto-update feature built into it’s software, which is a good thing except that Crashplan on a headless QNAP box will start failing when this happens.   If the package maintainer would update the QNAP package when this happens this wouldn’t become a problem.  But I’ve yet to see this ever happen.

Here’s the fix.

You will notice an upgrade directory in your root Crashplan directory, my default directory is /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/CrashPlan/upgrade.  If your directory is anything like mine, you will have a bunch of directories with #s on them…these are all the failed automatic upgrades the Crashplan attempted to perform and has failed.  I didn’t even noticed it was failing until my weekly email came out from Code42 and noticed my backups have been failing for about a week due to this.

First stop crashplan on your Qnap,

Find the last failed attempt..

cd into the last one listed.

In this directory you will find two jar files, c42_protolib.jar and com.backup42.desktop.jar .

(make note of this directory as we will be needing this in a second..)

Now jump over to the main default CrashPlan lib directory, mine is in


Need to copy the two jar files listed above into this lib directory, but first make backups of these files..

Once these are copied, now restart crashplan.

Now re-open your Crashplan client that runs over the SSH tunnel and viola.. you should be good to go..  It should be scanning for changed files to back up.

Once you have verfied this is working again, then remember to clean up the upgrade directory .. you can remove all those numbered directories.


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