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This is really old, but still helpful

  1. Basic scan:

  2. Scan multiple addresses:

  3. Scan entire subnet looking for valid hosts. This quick scan will also grab MAC address and perform MAC lookup to help determine what the host is.

  4.   Discovery:  Before a scan nmap will attempt to send an ICMP echo request.  To not send the ICMP, :

  5. To do only a ping scan:

  6. Do an ARP Ping scan:

  7. Port Scanning options:  Performing a Fast scan:

  8. Scan only specific ports:

  9. Scan multiple ports:

  10. Scan ports by name (found in /etc/services)

  11. Scan all ports:

  12. Choose between TCP and/or UDP:

  13. What OS is the target running?

  14. If the OS is unknown, have nmap attempt to guess the OS

  15. Service version detection