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To reset to factory default do the following…

1. Unplug power from router
2. get a pen and hold reset button in, and apply power
-This causes the CFE to force reset nvram ram-
3. wait 30 seconds with power in a reset pushed.
4. let go of reset button and let router boot, it will cycle twice

Then you should be able to access ui on


To prep the router for tftp, you do nearly the samething as resetting the router as above, however instead of waiting 30 seconds after you restore power, you can release the reset button immediately after the power light starts flashing’s about 5-10 seconds.  You will know you got it when power button is flashing and your ethernet port is flashing .ethernet isn’t flashing a constant flash like power but it’s a slow slow slow ..then fast fast fast ..slow..something like that..  hard to explain .

Download R7500-V1.0.0.46.img from Netgear’s site.


Untar your img and move or copy that into /var/lib/tftpboot

After you reset your router using above, then assign to one of your nics.

If everything went as planned, then you should be able to ping (make sure your network cable is attached to lan ports of router only..not the WAN yellow port)…don’t feel bad if you can’t ping it..just do another’s sometimes difficult making sure that reset is pressed during that entire duration.

Once you can ping, make sure you know the name of the img file..

I’ve had mixed results on this but normally wait about 1 min then turn off and back on.. I’ve also seen it reboot by itself.

After it boots, you should be able to hit it again using your browser @