4 comments on “Pfsense and Xbox One: Enabling open NAT instead of strict NAT.

  1. I have tried every guide I can find and not a single one has fixed this problem for me. You mention using a /32 subnet, my home network is on a /24 subnet, does this make any difference in how I should set this up?

    • Yes, you have a /24 for your network but when you specify /32 it basically just means that single IP address that the Xbox is assigned to. If you were to assign /24 that would mean that you wanted all boxes on your /24 subnet (ie possible 253 hosts). /32 = /24 = . In this particular case I believe either /32 or /24 will work, but you probably don’t want ALL your hosts on your network to be setup like this..only the Xbox One..so use /32.

      I agree though, XboxOne is a pain in the ass. If fact, I recently switched to IpFire and my XBone is broken again..it’s reporting “Moderate” NAT.

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